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Get high performance VPS hosting on a Tier 1 network at an unbeatable value. Discover the ease of managing your VPS account with us.

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Discover top-tier VPS Hosting and VPS Server solutions, optimized for Linux.

Standard KVM

Robust features starting at a better value than a $5 VPS, our plans kick off at an unbeatable $4.

Fully virtualized SSD VPS cloud compute instances
Up to 8GB RAM and 5000GB bandwidth

Ideal for getting started

Starting at $4/month

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Massive KVM

The best VPS for storage & large volumes of data with spacious HDD disk space & bandwidth.

Increased storage capacity with HDDs
Up to 12GB RAM and 15000GB bandwidth
Ideal for data storage & backups

Starting at $4/month

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Premium KVM

Upgrade to high performance VPS with NVMe compute instances, NVMe object storage, & faster CPUs.

High performance NVMe SSD VPS cloud storage
Up to 16GB RAM and 6000GB bandwidth
Ideal for increased speeds

Starting at $15/month

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Linux VPS Hosting Features

Linux VPS Server Feature: Pay By the Hour

Pay by the Hour

Experience the flexibility of our VPS hourly billing and VPS pay per hour systems. Our flexible pay-as-you-go billing allows you to access premium cloud hosting at an affordable price, with options to suit every budget and need.


RamNode Hosting Feature: Customer Service

Customer Service

24/7 VPS support from our team of system admin experts, always ready to provide quick and friendly responses to your questions.


Linux VPS Server Feature: Tier 1 Network

Tier 1 Network

Benefit from a VPS US located Tier 1 network that provides a reliable and consistent connection globally, with data center locations including Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City, and the Netherlands, making it a comprehensive USA VPS & global solution.


Linux VPS Server Feature: Premium Hardware

Premium Hardware

Experience the power of next-generation technology with our high performance VPS infrastructure, including NVMe SSDs.


RamNode Hosting Feature: Customizable

Customizable OS

Harness the flexibility of a VPS Server Linux with our cloud-init compatible Linux images or upload your own image/ISO at any time. 


RamNode Hosting Feature: Easy Backups

Easy Backups

Secure your data via a VPS backup, keeping your data safe and accessible with easy-to-use snapshots and easy to restore functionality.


Linux VPS Hosting Plans

Standard KVM VPS

Enjoy fully-virtualized SSD VPS server compute instances with up to 180GB of storage VPS hosting, structured for flexible computing needs at an affordable price point. Choose our VPS hosting solutions optimized for Linux environments.

TIER CPU SSD Bandwidth Price  


1 Core

10 15GB


$4/mo ($0.006/hr)


VPS 1GB RAM 2 Cores 25 35GB 2TB $6/mo ($0.009/hr)


 VPS 2GB RAM 2 Cores 50 65GB 3TB $12/mo ($0.018/hr)


VPS 3GB RAM 2 Cores 60 75GB 3.5TB $17/mo ($0.0255/hr)


VPS 4GB RAM 4 Cores 80 100GB 4TB $22/mo ($0.033/hr)


VPS 8GB RAM 4 Cores 160 180GB 5TB $43/mo ($0.063/hr)


Premium KVM VPS

Upgrade to high performance VPS with NVMe compute instances and faster CPUs.

TIER CPU NVMe Bandwidth Price  
VPS 2GB RAM 1 Core 50GB 3TB $15/mo ($0.0225/hr)


VPS 4GB RAM 2 Cores 100GB 4TB $26/mo ($0.039/hr)


VPS 6GB RAM 3 Cores 150GB 4.5TB $38/mo ($0.057/hr)


VPS 8GB RAM 4 Cores 200GB 5TB $50/mo ($0.075/hr)


VPS 16GB RAM 4 Cores 400GB 6TB $100/mo ($0.15/hr)


Massive KVM VPS

Store and backup large amounts of data for your VPS big storage needs, with our spacious disk space and bandwidth.

TIER CPU HDD Bandwidth Price  
VPS 512MB RAM 1 Core 160GB 2TB $4/mo ($0.006/hr)


VPS 1GB RAM 2 Cores 325GB 5TB $6/mo ($0.009/hr)


VPS 2GB RAM 2 Cores 650GB 7.5TB $12/mo ($0.018/hr)


VPS 3GB RAM 2 Cores 1000GB 10TB $17/mo ($0.0255/hr)


VPS 4GB RAM 2 Cores 1350GB 10TB $22/mo ($0.033/hr)


VPS 8GB RAM 4 Cores 2650GB 10TB $43/mo ($0.0645/hr)


VPS 12GB RAM 4 Cores 4000GB 150TB $64/mo ($0.096/hr)


Looking for more power and dedicated resources?

Get virtual server simplicity with dedicated CPU cores, all backed by a team of pros with RamNode VDS (Virtual Dedicated Servers).

Linux VPS Hosting FAQ’s

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting provides users with a private virtual server on a physical machine, using virtualization technology to partition the machine into multiple private servers. Experience the freedom of VPS Linux hosting, giving users more control and customization options than shared hosting, but without the high costs associated with dedicated hardware. Ideal for hosting websites, applications, or utilizing as an OpenVPN VPS, users can choose any operating system of their choice, including Linux, Unix, Windows, or other OS.

Why Choose Our VPS Server Solutions?

Select our VPS servers for unparalleled performance and reliability, all underpinned by the strength and versatility of Linux (or your preferred operating system) starting at only $4/mo. With features like high-performance NVMe technology, a robust Tier 1 network ensuring consistent uptime, and the flexibility to pay by the hour, our VPS solutions stand out. Benefit from fully virtualized SSD VPS instances, increased storage capacity, and a dedicated customer service team ready to address your queries round-the-clock. Harness the power of Linux and experience a seamless hosting journey with us.

How do I sign up for RamNode’s Linux VPS Hosting?

Looking for a free credit VPS? Kickstart your journey with just a minimum of $5, and unlock a 25% credit match to save even more. Sign up in minutes with our quick and easy cloud account creation process.

How does hourly billing work on RamNode’s Linux VPS Hosting?

Experience the convenience of hourly VPS with our flexible cloud hosting system. To get started, add at least $3 in Cloud Credit through your Client Area. Cloud credits will be deducted based on the hourly cost of your services. Monitor your usage in the Cloud Control Panel under the Billing tab, and add more time as needed. With affordable VPS hourly rate starting at about $0.006/hr, enjoy the best value for your investment.

What server hardware does RamNode use?

Our Linux VPS hosting utilizes the following server hardware configurations in each of our locations:

Tier CPU Disk
Standard (SKVM and SVZS) Intel Silver and E5, and AMD EPYC (2.1GHz+) RAID10 SSD
Premium (PKVM) Intel Xeon E3v6, E, and Gold Series (3.5GHz+) RAID10 NVMe
Massive (MKVM) Intel E5 (2.3GHz+), and AMD EPYC (3.1GHz+) RAID10 HDD

Our NVMe object storage ensures faster data retrieval and improved redundancy.

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