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25% Cloud Credit Offer - RamNode®

Experience the RamNode Advantage

Dive in and discover what makes us the smart choice for your cloud server needs. Our cloud credit offer is simple: create an account, add funds and we match them at 25%. For example, add $20 and we match it with $5. Add $100, get $25 matched, etc.

Email Cost Efficiency by RamNode

Just $5 Minimum

Kickstart your cloud journey with just $5, & unlock a your credit match. Add more if you’d like to save even more.


RamNode Premium Monitoring - Comprehensive Uptime Checks

They Don’t Expire

Once you setup your Cloud account and add Cloud Credits, those are yours to keep and use when you want. Pay now, use now or later.


RamNode Premium Monitoring - Full Site Monitoring

Use Them As You Go

Cloud Credits are used up as you go depending on what Cloud plan you’re utilizing. This gives you control over your spend & usage.


RamNode Premium Monitoring - Frequent Site Scans

Non-Recurring / Cancel Anytime

You can setup auto-pay, but it’s not required. There are no long term contracts. Just add credit, use it when you want, and that is it.


RamNode Hosting Feature: Customizable

Great Time to Try Us

New to RamNode? This is a great time to give us a spin as you can increase your credits, giving yourself more time to demo things.


RamNode Premium Monitoring - Blocklist Monitoring

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We don’t want you to miss out! Claim your credit via a support ticket with subject “CLOUD25”



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