What Makes a Powerful Server: Unpacking RamNode Technology

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Cloud hosting has become a pillar in modern digital infrastructure, recognized for its flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. RamNode leverages these benefits to provide robust VPS cloud hosting services, underpinned by OpenStack API and spread across five global server locations, ensuring peak performance. Let’s take a look into RamNode’s server technology, showcasing attributes that make our VPS servers a reliable choice in the cloud hosting domain.


Attributes of a Powerful Server

The power of a server is determined by several key factors, such as processing capabilities, memory, storage, and network performance. A robust server not only excels in these areas but also balances them to provide optimal performance for a wide range of applications.

High Performance ServersHigh-Performance Processors

The performance of your server’s processor (CPU) plays a critical role in the speed and efficiency of your server. RamNode equips its servers with top-tier processors like Intel Silver, E5, and AMD EPYC to ensure consistent performance.

Reliable and Fast StorageReliable and Fast Storage

Storage type and its configuration can have a significant impact on server performance. RamNode uses RAID10 SSD and NVMe storage systems, known for their speed and reliability. This storage setup is resilient and ensures data integrity, even in the event of hardware failure.

Scalable MemoryScalable Memory

Memory (RAM) enables your server to handle multiple tasks concurrently. The more memory a server has, the more tasks it can handle without slowing down. RamNode’s servers come with scalable memory options to accommodate varying needs.

Robust Network PerformanceRobust Network Performance

Network performance is determined by factors like bandwidth, latency, and throughput. A server with excellent network performance ensures your data is transferred quickly and reliably. 


RamNode Data Center Locations Map

With five global server locations, RamNode provides robust network performance to its customers.


RamNode’s Diverse Range of VPS Servers for Varying Needs

Understanding the diverse needs of modern businesses, RamNode offers a variety of hosting options, each optimized for specific use cases.

Standard KVM VPS Hosting

Designed for general workloads, the Standard KVM VPS servers employ Intel Silver and E5, and AMD EPYC (2.1GHz+) with RAID10 SSD for consistent performance and reliability.

Premium KVM VPS Hosting

Intended for tasks requiring more computational power, Premium KVM VPS servers utilize Intel Xeon E3v6, E, and Gold Series (3.5GHz+) with RAID10 NVMe. This offers a balance between performance and cost, making it a popular choice for many businesses.

Massive KVM VPS Hosting

For heavy-duty applications and tasks, the Massive KVM VPS servers make use of Intel E5 (2.3GHz+), and AMD EPYC (3.1GHz+) with RAID10 HDD. These servers are built to handle large amounts of data, high-traffic websites, and resource-intensive applications.

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A user monitoring server performance on a computer

With high performance VPS hosting, users have greater control and customization options.


Expanding Capabilities with Additional Hosting Solutions

VDS (Virtual Dedicated Servers)

For businesses seeking dedicated resources, RamNode offers Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS). Equipped with powerful Intel E3 and E Series processors running at 3.2GHz+ and RAID10 SSD or NVMe storage systems, these servers offer the privacy and performance of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.

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cPanel Shared Hosting

cPanel Shared Hosting services from RamNode utilize Intel Silver, E, and Gold processors along with RAID10 SSD storage systems. It’s a solution designed for small businesses seeking a user-friendly and affordable web hosting solution.

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The RamNode Advantage

Each of these server types explored above brings its unique capabilities to the table, allowing you to choose a solution that fits your specific needs perfectly. Whether you’re hosting a small website or running complex applications, RamNode has a server that fits the bill.

The combination of advanced server technology, customizable hosting options, and a commitment to performance and attentive customer service, sets RamNode apart in the VPS cloud hosting arena.

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